Framing Options

Here at Finishing Touches we are proud of our work and want you to be pleased with the results, too. Therefore, we use only the finest materials and work closely with our clients when considering framing options.

We like to have an idea about where the artwork will “live”.

  • What is your style?

  • What colors are you drawn to and use in the room where you will hang this picture?

  • Do you have other framed pieces in the room?

  • Is it an eclectic mix, or would you like to coordinate the framed art?

There are many ways to frame a work of art attractively, but we prefer to take it one step further and frame in a way that will not only compliment the artwork, but will allow it to live harmoniously in your home.

We invite you to visit our retail shop to discuss your framing needs.


Finishing Touches

We assist each client in finding just the right design and combination of materials that is best for the artwork and suits the individual’s tastes and budget. We deliver the best quality workmanship ensuring that your framed artwork can be enjoyed and appreciated forever.